Recent Phish Related News

I’ve always loved almost everything about Phantasy Tour, and particularly Phantasy Phish back in the day. They’ve got some good stuff up there right now…


# [3.22.05] Summer Trey tour with Ben Harper to feature other supporting acts.
# [3.21.05] Chris Kuroda will be running lights for the Black Crowes, beginning with their first show at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom.
# [3.17.05] Ben Harper will be on a later tour with Trey, while Particle will be opening a show or two on the current tour. Other opening acts are undetermined at this point, however fans can expect some unexpected names to surface as time goes on. Mike Gordon will not be opening any shows.

This is about 50% confirmed right now. Way to go, my friend. That’s a good rumor site if I’ve ever seen one. He’s got the inside scoop. I need this guy’s contact. Seriously, I need it. The Trey Anastasio summer tour is going to be cool, and I’m hoping on checking the first leg of the tour by catching his Auditorium Theater show.


Chris Kuroda Adds Light To Black Crowes
I am actually surprised by this. In the Relix issue that featured the Phish retrospective, Kuroda said he was going to be done touring with a band. What a wookie…

Page and Trey both jammed at one of the recent shows of the annual, 10-night Allman Brothers’ Band Beacon Theater run.
10 shows! Jesus Christ. That’s disgusting.