Read My Blog Next Time

It’s no wonder a lot of music bloggers really despise PR companies once you’re “in the know.”

From my inbox…

My name is (removed for their sake) and I am part of the media team for Newcastle Brown Ale. I though you and your readers would be interested in this one of a kind music blogging opportunity, and that it would be cool News for your blog. Newcastle launched their “Get Down with Newcastle Brown” contest this past Sunday, May 1st, where the winner gets to attend eight of the best music events in 2006/07. The winner will become Newcastle’s “official music blogger” and report on their experiences at the events both on the Newcastle Web site, as well as in SPIN Magazine. The first event is the Reading Festival in London, and other stops may include CMJ, Download Festival, Billboard Awards, South by Southwest and Coachella.

I got this yesterday, just one day after I posted this. Is it really that hard to sense-check and run by my blog before you start press-releasing all over me? I didn’t think so.