Everyone I know seems to be gearing up for the one or two times that they’ll be lucky enough to see Radiohead this year — for me, it’ll be at Outside Lands — and there always seems to be something new from the band to keep the excitement level at its highest. The band just released a set of videos on iTunes from their From the Basement performance that was airing on VH1. I saw this a few weeks ago after I got lucky enough to catch that it was airing in HD, and let me just say that this is a fantastic collection of live videos that would be well worth the purchase.

Captured in a day, with direction by David Barnard and sound by Nigel Godrich, the videos represent the best recorded representation of Radiohead’s live performance to date. [JamBase]

Agreed; it definitely deserves a plug or two. Go get ’em.

Radiohead: Live From the Basement [iTunes]