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Just got some sad news in the LMB inbox….

After 12 years of bringing their untz-style dance party to the world, the New Deal has decided to call it quits. Here’s the official announcement from Darren, Dan and :

has decided that 2011 will mark the end of a spectacular 12-year career.

It has been an amazing run for the band and we appreciate the loyal and dedicated tND fanbase across North America and Asia. Our individual lives have taken very different paths with family, living abroad, and other various projects. We have come to a point where the time and commitment that it takes to maintain our band at its best is no longer possible. As a group, we’ve never been known to go halfway, so we have decided to end things with a great run of summer and fall shows that we hope to be the best yet.

Over the next several months, TND will return to the East Coast. The final Summer and Fall 2011 shows will bring us to many of our favourite places in the US and Canada, and we’re looking forward to finishing things off in a big way.

We look forward to each and every one of these very special shows. Our fans have been fantastically devoted and supportive, and we hope to give them a final run of performances that will be truly memorable.

In addition to the summer shows and festivals already announced, we expect to add a few more dates to give as many fans as possible the opportunity to see us play together one last time.

Thank you!

For those of us who dig the dancier style of improvisational music, the New Deal have been a consistent staple for well over a decade. I remember first seeing these guys at the Haunt in Ithaca, NY, back in 1999, and even back then, they tore the roof of the sucka. Although their live, electronic brethren — like the and — have become more well-known over the years, the New Deal were definitely the third of these types of bands that I consider the true originators and innovators of live, improvisational electronic dance music.

Here’s a little video clip in remembrance:

The New Deal from RECTV.NET on Vimeo.

Not bad, but I still think my favorite is their Spring 2005 show at Logan Square Auditorium, which I highly recommend grabbing off of the Archive (especially if you need some good fist-pumpin’ workout music).

Luckily, the band still has a number of dates left for 2011. And with this announcement, I could definitely see them add a few more just to make their last year a big blowout. Check it out:

’s 2011 :

May 4 – Richmond, VA – – w/ Sub Swara &
May 5 – , PA – – w/ OTT & Sub Swara
May 6 – Baltimore, MD – Bourbon Street – w/ OTT & Sub Swara
May 7 – – w/ OTT & Sub Swara
June 3 – Ozark,AR –
June 4 – Hunter, NY –
July 1 – , MI –
July 2 – Denver, CO –
Aug 19 – Bartow, WV –
Aug 20 – Equinuk, PA –

So, I guess I’ll see you at ….with my dancing shoes on.

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