R.I.P. Nateva Festival

Well that’s a bummer, man…

Here’s the official word from the Nateva organizers:

It is with a heavy heart, and a great sadness that we cancel the 2011 Nateva Music & Camping Festival. After an epic inaugural year, we have found ourselves struggling at every turn as we have tried to push forward with preparations for this summer.

The challenges in assembling our lineup of bands, a lack of certain venue permits, a very crowded summer festival schedule and slower than predicted ticket sales have all contributed to our decision to cancel Nateva this summer. In the end, it’s all about being able to put forth a first rate event that everyone can be proud of and that our customers can enjoy. We just don’t have the confidence to go forward at this time.

Refunds in the amount of the ticket face value and per-ticket fees for tickets already purchased will be processed via the credit card that you made your purchase with. You can expect to see this refund reflected on your next statement, depending upon your billing cycle. Any questions regarding refunds may be sent to [email protected]

We are very grateful to the People of Maine, the Oxford Fairgrounds, our Customers, our Bands, and our wonderful Staff, and we just want to say, “Thank You” for all of your support. We look forward to seeing you out and about wherever there is great live music.


Nateva Festival


  1. God but this is frustrating-
    Two quick points from a veteran jazz/jam band guy (and survivor of both “Great Went” and “Lemonwheel” shows up in Limestone.)
    1. After last year’s successful start, I was quite keen to get my group (which has a lineage to folks like Weather Report and Miles’ “Bitches Brew” line up) involved with Nateva. All winter long on their website was the message “Stand by for band submission info.” They were not out on SonicBids or any other electron submission site that I saw, then lo and behold the lineup is announced- and not, it seems, to massive approval. Hey Nateva- if you are going to indicate on-line that artist submission info is forthcoming, then make it forthcoming! Otherwise tell one and all to go old school and send demo packets. Really cool rising groups can’t get on your bill if your website has out-of-date info!
    2. For the love of Pete, why the hell don’t the folks who run Phish and the folks who run things like Nateva ever, ever look at a calendar and see the sorts of mutually destructive conflicts that occur when huge festivals near each other happen at the same time? It’s not as if the Nateva dates were a national secret, folks. (The jazz scene in Maine is rightly notorious for such scheduling- entire months of limited gigs, then everybody and his second cousin wants to do a jazz festival on the same weekend- and they all draw a fraction what they might have drawn, and then they are never heard from again.) A little communication (Nateva with prospective artists; Phish with, well, the rest of the jam universe east of the Rockies) might have seen both festivals go, with tons of bands and tons of folks having their own private “Great Went.”
    Oh well.

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