Right before my band and I got loaded up for a gig in Berkeley, we got the sad news that Michael Jackson had died at UCLA Medical Center in California after being rushed there following cardiac arrest. We got through the gig without any major mention of the event, and the second I got home I watched about two hours of CNN coverage of the tragedy. Sad day for the music world, but hopefully he can finally get some peace from a tumultuous life lead in the public eye.

Last night I ended up reflecting on how much I loved the Jackson’s 5 music without ever purchasing anything from their back catalog, so to honor the true talent of this legend, I’ll link to one of my favorite Jackson 5 songs. Feel free to drop comments if you’re a fan that has a good Michael Jackson memory from your own life. I don’t have many besides me and my buddies trying to learn the Thriller dance in middle school so that we could bust it out totally spontaneously if we were ever walking in the halls together, but this was also around the time that I had a tremendous obsession with “The Humpty Dance” and taking on a psuedo-Humpty public persona to get laughs out of people whenever I needed to. Life might have been easier back then.

R.I.P. Jacko. You will be missed.