Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado (LA) Killed in Car Crash

photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

Sad news today out of the Los Angeles and California DJ scene — Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado was killed in a car accident in Texas on his way to a festival. The tragic news came today on his Facebook page from his friend Sammy Bliss, his FB Admin.

Dear world –

This is Sammy Bliss. For those that don’t know me, I’m an old friend of Nick’s. I happen to be an admin on his Pumpkin page and, as such, I have the unfortunate responsibility of conveying the saddest news possible.

It’s with a completely broken heart that I need to let you all know that Nick died in a car accident last night in Texas, on his way to a festival.

I’ve known Nick since he was too young to drink, we came up together in the music world, throwing parties and having some of the best of times together, as I know so many of you have. I share with all of you my deepest sadness at the loss of a truly great human being and an epic friend.

Not sure anything can fill the void we are all going to feel over the coming days, weeks, years … Just time I suppose.

We’ll be organizing a gathering soon to celebrate his life, remember all the beautiful memories he provided for all of us and spend some time together sending all our love to him and his family.

I’m so sorry to have to deliver this sad news to you all …

With the greatest of love –

Blind Melon - No Rain (Pumpkin Remix)