Prince Estate Blasts Trump For “Purple Rain” Usage at Minnesota Rally

Lots of news swirling today around the President Trump rally held in Minneapolis, but it’s going to be Prince that gets some of the headline juice on this one (R.I.P.).

See, Trump somewhat intelligently surmised that he should use some music from Prince tonight while at the rally, an obvious nod to the Minnesota legend who used to play the venue (First Ave) right across the street from the rally venue. But over a year ago the Prince team strictly forbid the Trump team from using Prince’s music to represent politics in any fashion. And much like the rest of Trump’s approach, his team simply ignored any advice that bordered on intelligent. 😂

So tonight, after using the song, the Prince Estate tweeted out a strong swift response. Spoiler alert: “The Prince Estate will never give permission to President Trump to use Prince’s songs.”

Read it below. It’s great.

The likelihood that it happens again at some other stop down the road with some other local artist is at least 90%, but still, it’s just another sign of a weakened view of how this dude does business with entertainers. Prince ain’t having none of that.

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