Primus Announces Two-Night New Year’s Eve Run @ The Fox Theater, Oakland

I’m working on my review from last night’s Primus show, and I just stumbled upon the explanation for why we got such an intimate, club show ahead of the Primus summer tour with Gogol Bordello. Turns out that Les and Larry have already put the finishing touches on New Year’s Eve plans in the Bay Area, with a two-night run set for the Fox Theater in Oakland.

Q: Why aren’t you bringing the show to San Francisco, which is basically the hub of all freaks?

A: It’s one of those business things. Because of the New Year’s show – we’re doing two nights at the Fox Theater. It’s my 20th New Year’s in a row. That’s going to be an oddity faire in itself. The promoters say you can’t play too close to New Year’s so I basically have to stay away from August.

The band is energized and inspired to bring these old Primus songs back to life, which was evident last night given how much they switched up the setlist over two sets. I would highly suggest this as a run to put on your radar.