WHO: Marco Benevento Trio (Marco Benevento, Reed Mathis, Matt Chamberlain)
WHERE: Yoshi’s, Oakland
WHEN: Thursday, May 24th
HOW: Buy tickets here

Marco Benevento is coming to the Bay Area this Thursday night and we’ve got a considerable crew planning to attend with a reserved seating section and everything. In fact, none of us really hesitated at all to book the show. We will consistently follow Marco through whatever project or trio or duo or sit-in that he seems to put his name behind because he continues to delivery jaw-droppingly beautiful piano playing. And this is an awesome return to form for Marco as he returns to the spot where he laid down a “Bento Box” residency at Yoshi’s Oakland every Tuesday in February, 2009. Me and a few of my buddies saw those shows entirely and this is going to be another two set night that we will not be missing.

I found some videos that were done on one of the residency nights, the second week, which features Marco, Skerik, Billy Martin and Calvin Weston. I remember that one being the only really obvious sell-out and it was packed in there (in a good way). Check it:

Marco Benevento, Billy Martin, Calvin Weston, Skerik, at yoshis

Should be a good week for Marco, too — he just celebrated the release of his new single, “This Is How It Goes,” which just dropped today on iTunes. Then he’s off to Strange Creek after his one-off here in the Bay… always staying busy.