and of are set to hit the Theater stage this Thursday for a DJ Set of epic proportions.-Andrei

“Anyone who’s followed the indie electronic scene even somewhat closely the past few years is well aware of the demise of the immensely talented, grammy nominated dance-punk band just last year. But while LCD may be over, ’s mastermind is still going strong, playing high-energy DJ sets alongside fellow LCD veteran . The duo have already covered The Wavefront at Montrose Beach in as well as solo sets in France, Barcelona, and the U.K. On August 2nd, the pair will make their way to Theatre in what is sure to be one of the highlight shows of the summer. But don’t expect their set to sample much of Murphy and Mahoney’s work LCD Soundsystem. Instead, this pair is serious about the dance party they provide, and while you might not be familiar some of their choice of song and bands (Flash and the Pan’s “ Man,” for example or Somatik’s “Diamonstone.”), you can put your in Murphy who is more than capable to create a dance experience you will be talking about long after the show is over. Murphy has been in the business a long time and you can be rest assured he knows how to get the party started. So don’t miss out on this , dance, punk, rock, disco infused night the LCD mastermind because this show is one people will be talking about for a while.”

-Friend of , Daniel Malone