Brothers Past – The Ceiling Part 2 – Bowery Ballroom – 9-26-09 [YouTube]

Despite the snowy evening forecast here in NYC, I am hoping to head on over to Williamsburg to catch Brothers Past at Brooklyn Bowl. I was pretty impressed with BP’s last NYC show at the Bowery. As you can see from this video above, it was quite the rager, so I’m hoping for good things this evening.

As a bit of a fan-friendly gesture to fans that have made — or are willing to make — the long trip through the snow for the tonight’s show, the band just sent out this update:

Tonight’s show at BK BOWL is FREE if you can prove you traveled there from the Philly area or beyond. Show your train ticket, bus ticket, turnpike receipt and you will be granted free admittance to the show.

Good stuff. Let’s hope BP once again brings the heat to the Big Apple. After all, now they’ve got Williamsburg hipsters to impress.

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