Happy Monday, folks. I’m excitedly catching up on news today after an amazing weekend here in SF, and one of the first things I’m checking on is how the Festival went down in Squaw Valley here in Northern Cali. I wouldn’t normally get too amped about that festival but I saw news before the weekend that made my radar perk up. Turns out that Pretty Lights was booked for the festival and made an announcement last week stating that he’d be bringing a new drummer along for the party. That new drummer is none other than , a true ripper and a drummer of immense talent and natural ability. This news effectively bummed out everyone in my crew that had yet to purchase a ticket to the late-night booked after , a sure-fire rage fest at the .

In addition to that huge announcement, the band had a pretty stellar week otherwise. They announced a sell-out crowd will be joining them on August 7th at Ampitheatre, and they also released their second of three EP’s planned for this year. Go over to to download a copy.

08/07 MORRISON, COLORADO Amphitheatre
08/25 KNOXVILLE, TN The Valarium
08/26 MEMPHIS, TN Minglewood Hall
08/28 NEW ORLEANS, LA CAC Warehouse
09/04 NEW YORK, NY Festival
09/05 AUSTIN, TX Nocturnal Festival
09/25 SANTA BARBARA, CA West Beach Festival

Anyone catch the set at ? How was it? This video only has a taste or two…

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