Pretty Lights Relaunches His Label as Social Platform: Pretty Lights Movement

Why run a record label when you can just build your own movement?

That’s how Mr. Derek Vincent Smith (aka Pretty Lights) approaches life, basically. Because today he’s announced Pretty Lights Movement, a shift “from PLM [Pretty Lights Music] from a record label to a social platform based on collaboration and inclusion.”

Team PL has decided that the time is now to evolve the direction and purpose of Pretty Lights Music the record label. The amount of inspired young producers & artists that have emerged from within the community surrounding PL friends & family is staggering. We’ve been brainstorming on new ways to weave together this collective of people, music, art.. and we believe the answer lies in shifting PLM from a record label to a social platform based on collaboration and inclusion. Moving forward, we desire to progressively bring this community together and expand it thru the movement that Pretty Lights began. Whether it’s Sirius XM Hot Sh*t guest mixes, remix projects for new PL music, #PLpix, #PLflips, #PLart, music releases from producers in the community and anything else that that we feel can inspire those around us and facilitate community collaboration… we will be supporting it all here and across PLM social platforms. Be sure to tune in here for the #PLMovement.

There’s absolutely zero doubt in the music world at this point that the brains and teams behind Pretty Lights are an absolute tour-de-force of innovation and creative output. We can’t wait to see what else comes of this…