Post-Jam is the new genre.

Normally whenever you try to describe a band or a sound as it pertains to the topic of conversation, you do so by naming genres and/or similar artists.

“They’re like a shoegazer Wilco…” (Dr. Dog)
“It’s like Daft Punk but more lighthearted…” (Ratatat)
“If Tortoise, STS9, and the Duo got together…” (The Lymbyc Systym)

I’ve done it a million times…

And finally…finally…I actually have a genre title to use now when I describe what the Benevento/Russo Duo sounds like. Or what The Slip sounds like. Post-Jam.

Village Voice coined the term first in a recent writeup on The Slip and their new album, Eisenhower (which is fantastic, by the way…). Update: I stand corrected on that “first” statement; Relix used this term in their last issue — before the Voice write-up hit the internet. Sorry, Relix.

Screw your other genre buzz words — post-jam is the new genre that will bring the rest of the music world into 2007. Mark it!

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