Pop Star Trey Makes a Video

Get ready, Youth of America: The Trey Anastasio Affirmative Action Funtime Band has produced a new video of its hit single “Shine”.

The video blends vignettes of the band rehearsing backstage with brief clips of Trey’s fans both outside and inside the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and I somehow enjoyed this thing. Call me a teenybopper all you like, but Shine’s a pretty catchy tune and this video does justice to the song and the band.

There’s a call on the PT Boards to get this video on TRL…I’m not sure I can imagine anything more hysterical and wickedly absurd. “Ohmigawd this is Ace from New York and I wanna hear Shine because I love Big Red and he’s so dreeeeamy ahhhhhhh!”

Let’s do it.