Poor Mike Myers and Chris Tucker

On Friday night, on the NBC-televised live event to raise money for Hurricane Katrina, Kanye West flipped out.

I’m sorry, that’s fine if you believe in that, Kanye. But, please, for the love of live television, put together some actual intelligible thoughts. This is some damn uncomfortable television to see, and I’m even watching a TiVo’d copy.

Now, I know that it’s good that we do have artists who are in a position to speak for the masses and have no actual “political” intentions of furthering their agenda (however, they always have a “marketing” goal in their own mind) actually speaking up for the masses. Kanye West feels that George Bush doesn’t care about black people.

He just could have done a better job warning Mike Myers about his rant. Or, he could have done a better job of stringing together intelligible sentences into a meaningful argument that was rooted in factual and logical evidence. At any rate, no one will ever have a chance to forget about it thanks to the bloggers of the world. Click here for a video clip and full transcript.

Do I agree with him? Kinda.

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