On Friday night, on the NBC-televised live event to raise money for Hurricane Katrina, Kanye West flipped out.

I’m sorry, that’s fine if you believe in that, . But, please, for the love of live television, put together some actual intelligible thoughts. This is some damn uncomfortable television to see, and I’m even watching a TiVo’d copy.

Now, I know that it’s good that we do have artists who are in a position to speak for the masses and have no actual “political” intentions of furthering their agenda (however, they always have a “marketing” goal in their own mind) actually speaking up for the masses. feels that doesn’t care about black people.

He just could have done a better job warning Mike Myers about his rant. Or, he could have done a better job of stringing together intelligible sentences into a meaningful argument that was rooted in factual and logical evidence. At any rate, no one will ever have a chance to forget about it thanks to the bloggers of the world. Click here for a video clip and full transcript.

Do I agree with him? Kinda.

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