Remember that new multi-media event announced a while back for February 2012? Well, it looks like that’s a no-go.

announced today that they’ll have to postpone the event:

Pitchfork, The , and Killscreen are postponing FORMS, the -based event series we collectively created as a way to celebrate the best of , art, games, and the intersections in between. As the series took shape these past few months, we found it growing bigger and more complex in very exciting ways. We followed those threads, expanded the vision, and simply ran out of time. Pitchfork, , and Killscreen have a history of throwing spectacular events and producing great content, and we have decided to give ourselves more time to ensure that FORMS is the best it can be. For , we plan to take a brief pause and provide more information later.

Bummer. But I s’pose it’s better to make something kickass than force an event that’s half-baked due to timing. We’ll keep an eye out to see if they can swing this for later in 2012 or maybe early 2013.

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