Pitchfork Music Festival: R. Kelly, Bjork and Belle and Sebastian to Headline 2013 Lineup

The Pitchfork Music Festival just announced their three top talents for this year’s festival set once again in Union Park in Chicago on the weekend of July 19-21, and I had to read the release twice before I fully grasped how epic it is. Headlining this year’s festival will be R. Kelly, Bjork and Belle & Sebastian. YEP. Belle and Sebastian. I know you’re as surprised as me to read that…

Okay but seriouisly, R. Kelly? I feel like this already looks more like the Gathering of the Juggalos lineup than a typical Pitchfork fest and I have no understanding of why anyone in the “indie” scene is going to stay around to watch R. Kelly perform on stage unless they’re watching it ironically. No wonder everyone hates hipsters.

Your move, Bonnaroo.

R. Kelly, Björk, and Belle and Sebastian to Headline Pitchfork Music Festival 2013 [Pitchfork]