A lot of people would argue that Pitchfork has been drunk for a while now, but we’ve always been huge fans of the site and we were always okay with them slipping some drunks by the open bar without too many people paying attention. After all, nobody wanted them to grow up to be lame.

Today they’ve announced that their 21st Birthday is fast approaching, and to celebrate they’ll be throwing a proper “we can legally drink now” rager with Animal Collective promising to deliver their seminal Sung Tongs album live for the first time ever. Set for December 2nd at the Knockdown Center in Flushing, Queens, the show will have a few more artists and lots of goodies and themes around Pitchfork and what they’ve been doing since they launched. Sounds awesome.

Check out my favorite version of “Who Could Win a Rabbit?” here, this is a track that only got better as time went on. As always, I wouldn’t expect Animal Collective to play it a way you’d expect prior to arriving. They always keep you guessing.

Tickets are here.