Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Debuts Podcast Episode 1 [STREAM NOW]

The David Gilmour Podcast has premiered and debuted their first episode, aptly titled The Black Strat and the story of how the Pink Floyd guitarist and songwriter procured one of his most famous guitars.

As previously reported, there will be a few more episodes as part of the buildup for the big Christie’s auction that will feature over 120 guitars from Gilmour’s personal collection that will go on to benefit multiple charities.

1st episode of 3. David tells of the theft of Pink Floyd’s equipment in New Orleans in 1970 which leads to the purchase of the Black Strat at Manny’s music store on West 48th Street in New York. He also details some of the recordings on which it has it appeared and says ‘It’s certainly earned it’s keep’.

Stream it below via YouTube.

The David Gilmour Podcast - The Black Strat (Episode 1)