PHOTOS / SETLIST: STS9 @ House of Blues, NOLA 11/3/11

The current sound seems more intricate and focused on the music itself, evidenced from the get go on the hyper-sped “Evasive,” and the relatively-stripped down, but still perfectly en-tuned visual display (sans LED, which can oftentimes be distracting in my opinion). The canyon-esque lunar grooves like “Move My Peeps” are still being built in the organic fashion that this live force was founded on in earlier years, set out upon by the quintet without much idea of what the end point will be and how they will ultimately arrive on the other side. STS9′s hi-fi wizardry is at once boundless and contained, their deftness at weaving multilayered sonics through harmonious electronic tones, all while surging across drummer Zach Velmer’s airtight rhythmic landscapes, produces a complex tapestry of sound you can’t find elsewhere on the electronic scene.