Thursday’s show at Cervantes’ was anything but expected. Best of all, the show was only $20, and it was really two shows packed into one. The main stage was set for maximum bass all night focusing on Eliot Lipp and his openers while the Other Side stayed instrumental. We arrived in time to catch the end of Samples’ set. Knight Riderz were set to come on next but after about ten minutes of setting up, people started to sense something was wrong. After another fifteen minutes Knight Riderz did end up going on, but only half of them. Regardless, it was still a sick set I’d never seen before, however short and sweet. Ana Sia followed “Knight Rider.” I just saw her a month ago at Sonic Bloom and I was more pleased with her set there. This set didn’t have much variation in style, which is important in electronic music. Eliot Lipp finished the night playing a lot of stuff from his new album, Shark Wolf Rabbit Snake that was released on Pretty Lights Music for free earlier this summer. If the bass got a to be a little too intense, the Other Side boasted an awesome Herbie Hancock tribute. It was really a treat to be able to go back and forth depending on the mood you were in. At first I was really surprised that it was totally packed on both sides, but after hearing the tunes it all made sense. I was most excited to see Dominic Lalli of Big G kill it on the sax as he always does. And he certainly did. This funky/jam/fusion take on Mr. Hancock was nothing short of spectacular making this show the highlight of the night for me.