PHOTOS / HIGHLIGHTS: Day Three @ Voodoo Experience 2011

Sky Over Voodoo 2011 | Photo by Jimmy Grotting

My experience since being in New Orleans is that Sundays are an exceptionally treasured day in the city, and this perhaps never rings truer than during the all-too-common special weekends and particularly, during local music festivals. Sunday during this year’s Mardi Gras was a picture of perfection and one of the most well-attended in history after a soggy Saturday washed out the monster Endymion parade. Jazz Fest’s final day was a glorious bookend to the 7-day fest and the communal joy you could feel in the air at the Radiators Final Farewell set was palpable. Last year’s Sunday at Voodoo was one of the better festival days imaginable, with Janelle Monae, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, MGMT and My Morning Jacket all making the festival’s final day a memorable one. It’s likely because these great, big, blowout weekends are so much fun that you don’t want them to end and most out there at Voodoo looked to be embracing the closing day to the last drop. Suffice it say, there’s something about these Sundays in New Orleans that always seem to be just a touch more spectacular than the days that precede it.