Remember 2009? That was the year that Phoenix went from being a beloved, well-kept secret to being one of the most pervasive forces in mainstream rock seemingly overnight on the wings of the catchier-than-thou breakthrough LP Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. SPIN has the word that the album (which will see the band going minimalist and “forward”) will drop in April 2013, meaning a big, early tour performance in Indio is a huge possibility. The band’s label head Daniel Glass (of Glassnote Records) announced this at a Spotify press conference today.


Aside: Props to Phoenix for not wearing out their newfound fanbase’s adoring welcome in the pop sphere and/or wearing out themselves by touring on the same record ad nauseam until it came time to release another one. The fanbase (I/you/me/him/her/they) are ready for more. Wolfgang was a mighty astonishing, accessible and polished record, but even overly extensive touring/licensing/radio play behind that release would’ve worn a fanbase thin eventually. The promotion > release > tour > promotion > release > tour cycle can wear fans thin after awhile and whether this was on purpose or just well-spaced, the timing for a return of the French band is just right.