Phish @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte 07/02/2010 Post Show Wrap-up

Lights & the Crowd

Got a later start than expected leaving Raleigh. Traffic was a beast. Ran into Billy & Robin again. They do a great job organizing the recycling effort, help them out & sort your recyclables. You can look for their crew handing out green bags.

Tonight really turned things up.
From the start of the show it was unrelenting energy from the band & the crowd. Buried Alive opener & Vultures were both great ways to start the evening. Get Back On The Train had some really nice interplay between the band. I’m not 100% positive, but I think there was a Mexican Cousin sign, prompting the only slow point in the first set. Your going to make a sign for a request, and that’s what you pick, really? Not my number one choice.

The second set opened strong with the Drowned> 46 Days. The 20 Years later placement slowed things down a bit, but the place erupted with the first notes of Lizards. The remainder of the set was high energy til the last note. I was really surprised by the FYF. Last time that was played I was 7. The YEM to close the set really through me off, I felt sure that wouldn’t come out til Alpharetta. The ending vocal jam was great & the Beatles continued with the encore. After the show, I made it out of the lot quickly, and headed for Alpharetta. Heading out now to get some food & get ready for day 3. Here are a few of my photos for the evening. Until tomorrow…

Ready to Roll
Trey starting things up for the evening...
Trey By Day
Behind the Kit
Page Side
Feel The Bass
Blue And Green Lights
Looking for the Note
Look at Trey's Face
Lights & the Crowd