Phish Frontman Trey Anastasio Geeks Like a Fanboy On Bonnaroo Lineup & Kikagaku Moyo

"Even discovered a new favorite band, Kikagaku Moyo."

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio always likes to drop a good quote or two on how connected he actually is to the mainstream music world, sometimes kinda a red herring style throw-off like saying he likes Cardi B before the Bonnaroo set, giving us all hopes of a crazy-ass sit-in or something.

This latest post on Instagram is a bit of a treasure trove of Trey quotes, though, as the video we saw yesterday is Trey enjoying the Cardi B set from the sidelines, but today we see him and Mike Gordon watching the Lemon Twigs and dropping some quotes on what else they were able to see.

“Thanks to all of the organizers for putting together my fav Bonnaroo lineups I’ve seen,” writes Trey before also tagging The National, Childish Gambino, Cardi B, The Lonely Island and Beach House. He even drops a reference to the Princess show that Maya Rudolph puts together celebrating the music of Prince.

But a new kicker past the normal headlines would be that Trey is finally turned onto Japanese psychedelic rockers, Kikagaku Moyo. Trey says they’re “amazing” and to “definitely check em’ out.”

He closes the ‘gram with “Thank you, Bonnaroo…. off to Canada!” Then the band played Toronto, and Trey kept it going by dropping the House in the Tall Grass album cover on his Instagram story.

trey anastasio still geeking on kikagaku moyo via instagram story pic