phishbrookdvd.jpgFor some of the loyal Live Music Blog readers, this is truly old news even with the fact that they finally finalized the plans for it..

Phish is planning to release Live in , a two-disc set (with accompanying three-disc CD set) from their June 17, 2004 show at Coney Island — all part of two-night stand beginning on what became the band’s last tour ever. The show was simulcast in theaters around the country, so why waste some great high-definition sound and footage when you could slap it all together and call it a new release — I’ve got nothing against that!

Here’s some background into the debacle on trying to call this set a new relelase, as me thinks that their 1995 disc got in the way first. Again, I’m not complaining.

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will release Live in , a brand new 2- set and 3-CD audio soundtrack (available separately) in stores July 11th on /Rhino.

Shot in breathtaking high-definition video, with 5.1 surround sound, the deluxe 2-DVD set features the entire June 17th, 2004 show (two sets of music) and bonus material, including excerpts from soundcheck, backstage footage, and “Taste, “Bug”, and “ Reprise” from the following night’s show. The concert footage was directed and edited by Eli Tishberg, a veteran of several projects, including the IT DVD, Live In Vegas DVD and Hard Rock Live (5/23/00 Roseland).

The CD soundtrack – which will be sold separately – consists of the entire first night on 3-CDs, remixed and mastered from the band’s digital multitrack tapes.

Live in Brooklyn marks the first full, uncut concert DVD by Phish since the 2002 release of “Live in Vegas” and is the first full show to be presented on 2 DVDs for maximum fidelity and resolution. The 6/17 Brooklyn show was simulcast live in movie theaters nationwide – the DVD release includes all footage from the simulcast, re-edited for the best possible viewing experience.

We will be announcing preorder details soon at and Phish Dry Goods.

Update (6/1): The DVD is now available for preorder.