Phish @ Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion, Raleigh, NC 7/1/10 Post Show Wrap-up

Suzy Greenberg to end the Set

I rolled into Raleigh about 12:30 this afternoon and got checked into my hotel. Took a break before meeting up with Chris & Dennis. I have never been into a venue as early as I was today. We were at the gates, waiting for them to open. It gave me a further appreciation of tapers dedication. I also scored a merit badge, for being early. I met several interesting people, including Chris, the Kool-Aid Man. I met Billy & Robin before the show, spearheading the recycling effort. A great start for the evening, and the show hasn’t even started.

LLAMA in huge white letters appeared near the front, just as the band took the stage. A few finger pointings, a little discussion, and the band was opening with a great request. The first set was full of good energy, and the bass had a really nice sound. To me the mix sounds greatly improved. Both the band & crowd end the set on a high note.

It’s finally dark. The second set had several surprises. Halley’s Comet, Have Mercy and Light Up Or Leave Me Alone. I particularly enjoyed Page closing out Squirming Coil on the piano, and the band really picked up to close the set strong with Suzy Greenberg. All I can say about the encore is bass. Sharp, punchy, bass.

After a short trip back to the hotel, I snagged a couple photos of Chris & Dennis transferring tonight’s show, before getting started myself.  I got a brief listen of Moma Dance. It’s been less than an hour from the last note being played, and I am listening to it again. Start checking etree, for their nice FOB recording.

Here’s a few photos, until tomorrow.

Lots of mics, lots of download options...
Behind the Lawn
Blue Lights & The Exit Sign
Just Trey
Suzy Greenberg to end the Set
Chris & Dennis transferring tonight's show
Chris & Dennis transferring tonight's show