Phish recently finished up a brief Fall 2019 Tour which included a stop at Philadelphia’s The Met for a special concert for SiriusXM. Fans were treated to free audio webcasts of the show if you were a SiriusXM subscriber, and a HUGE set of fans were gifted in with free tickets just as part of the promotion run by the radio guys. Pretty cool all around, even if the whole thing did stink a bit of Corporate soullessness.

None of that came through on stage, though. The band played with the same reckless abandon they always do, and thankfully some of the highlights have started to finally get released via the official channels so we can re-live it properly. One moment that stood out HUGE that night was the “2001” you can see below, a “Also Sprach Zarathustra” for the ages. Pure blastoff material in the best way possible. 🚀🚀🚀

Watch it here.

Phish - 2001 [LIVE @ The Met in Philadelphia]

You can also see the “Chalk Dust Torture” jam that opened up the second set, somehow only a few folks got a chance to see this yet (not sure if it’s Unlisted for a reason). 👹

We can be thankful as fans that we got a full show out of it and SiriusXM will have an “epic” show to fluff up for a while. And that “2001” is truly legendary — hopefully that video never gets put behind a paywall somewhere.

[H/T JamBase]