Phish: The Island Tour Box Set?

Word on the street is that Phish is planning to release their epic 1998 Island Tour.

I saw this rumor on the Phantasy Phish boards and I had to jump on it. Can anyone put some real validity into this one other than Phish registering their creative works with BMI? Truth is, that seems pretty damn credible to me. Why else would they register Nassau Soundcheck Jam. YES!

You might remember me mentioning how much the 1998 Phish Island Tour ruled. All the shows are amazingly well-played, and it was a four show tour that is arguably Phish at its finest. Check out my podcasts featuring the April 4 show from the tour: Jamcast #003, Jamcast #004.

All I can say is that I hope this is true. I would download it from or purchase the Box Set (even though I’ve definitely given Phish plenty of my money already).