Phish was once again used as bumper music during the Super Bowl, this time featured a little less prominently than that “Tweezer Reprise” segment a few years back.

This time we hear a bit of “Character Zero” as the Super Bowl LIV went to commercial during the first half. Our friends at JamBase grabbed a snippet of it and put it up on their Instagram.

Check it out below.

We had a feeling it was going to happen based on this little teaser on Twitter, and frankly it’s been happening all season so we’re not too crazy surprised you heard it tonight. I wonder if we’ll hear our favorite Vermont foursome more than once, though. UPDATE: WE GOT A SECOND ONE! “Free” was used in the second half.

Shortly after the Phish bumper music in the first half, Grateful Dead fans heard their own bumper music to celebrate about, a 10 second snippet of the band’s classic “Bertha.”

“We are everywhere” as the kids like to say.