Phish Summer Tour Streaming Through an iPhone? Yes, Please!

live phish guerilla style

Hey there, all! So sorry for all the downtime around here. The server we use to host LMB seems to be forgetting to take it’s medication, so we’re going to have to sever our ties with our host in the very near future and move things over to something stable.

In the meantime, I’m going to try to catch with the Joneses around here and get some stuff published that has been dying to get blogged. I was lost last night without the trusty phishtube channel on ustream alive and well. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that feeling.


Taking this online/offline convergence to another level, a fan only known as Jason took a shot at streaming the show live from his iPhone through phishtube, hosted by, a free live streaming service. After a few technical issues in the beginning, the stream had a decent image of the stage, accompanied by better-than-decent sound. The number of people streaming last night’s show reached almost 3,500 people – Jones Beach’s capacity is 15,000. On ustream/phishtube you were able to watch a video of the show while reading the live twitter feeds, simultaneously side by side.

Phish Fan Live-Streams Concert via iPhone []

I’m told he’s hitting the entire tour and last night’s missing extra was just a fluke (he got lost in Philly on the way?). Can’t wait to see what else this band has in store for us. Last night’s Camden show sounds absolutely amazing based on where I’ve made it through (right on “First Tube”) and I really wish I was hitting more shows than the ones I already have lined up. If they keep playing like they are, extras are going to be hard to come by for each show on the tour. And maybe Bonnaroo will sell-out.