Phish will be releasing a remastered vinyl version of their 1998 album, The Story of the Ghost, set to drop this upcoming Black Friday as a Record Store Day only release and a limited drop of 8,000 copies only.

Here’s the info from the source…

Remastered, double 180g vinyl, foil-stamped set for RSD Black Friday.

Side A: “Ghost”/ “Birds Of A Feather” / “Meat”
Side B: “Guyute” / “Fikus” / “Shafty”
Side C: “Limb by Limb” / “Frankie Says” / “Brian and Robert” / “Water In The Sky”
Side D: “Roggae” / “Wading In The Velvet Sea” / “Moma Dance” / “End of Session”

Ooooh, this is going to be a hard one.

No official announcement yet from the band, so perhaps we’ll see more come of this.