Phish just debuted their brand new album, Sigma Oasis, for a free livestream listening party for fans stuck at home. It was announced last night during their second Dinner And A Movie free livestream.

Here’s what the album consists of:

Sigma Oasis:

  1. Sigma Oasis
  2. Leaves
  3. Everything’s Right
  4. Mercury
  5. Shade
  6. Evening Song
  7. Steam
  8. A Life Beyond the Dream
  9. Thread

Tune in below for the album stream that the fans heard live starting at 9pm ET.

8:55pm ET:

9:01pm ET:

“Sigma Oasis” kicks off the LP. The livestream is running a set of photos from the recording sessions, no doubt captured by Rene Huemer. Page’s synths coming in loud and bright, and the song is a well-produced rocker. Great sound on this one.

9:07pm ET: 

“Leaves” is up next, which kinda reminds me of a Beatles song or something. The vocal deliveries bounce off different members of the band back and forth, and there’s even a string section which comes in at just the right time to give an epic crescendo. The ending is incredible. Wow.

9:15pm ET:

“Everything’s Right” gets track #3 on the album and it looks like it’ll have a chance to stretch a little bit. Trey gets extra on the vocals at the end of the song, but they immediately dive into a perfect Type I jam that often accompanies the song.

9:27pm ET:

“Mercury” has a wildly polished finish here that really benefits the song. It immediately feels a million times more danceable.

9:35pm ET:

“Shade” is a deep production, complete with strings. Incredible version.

9:39pm ET:

“Evening Song” up next with Fishman up in the mix before the chorus brings in and puts vocals and strings up front.

9:43pm ET:

“Steam” gets a swampy funk vibe and some background vocals from what sounded like Jennifer Hartswick and Celisse Henderson who were in Trey’s Ghosts of the Forest project.

9:51pm ET:

“A Life Beyond the Dream” and “Thread” closed the album, a one-two punch of heartfelt gospel and a new contender for the “Split Open and Melt” set closer replacement. Incredible work.

The album is available everywhere on April 2nd.