Phish “Save the Date” Halloween Festival Update: Washington Back on the Map!


For all the heads that have been on the internet all weekend, this may be old news. But for most of us getting to work on our Monday morning, you may be excited to hear that Phish threw fans for another loop on the Save the Date Halloween Festival that they have planned by eliminating three states from the map AND adding back Washington state to the map. This event basically triggered a slew of predictions like “that means California is going to get added back, too!” I’m not sure I’m convinced of anything yet, but I am predicting that we’ll get an announcement on this officially sometime this week or early next week before the Red Rocks four-night run. They need to get the infrastructure piece of this moving to get the event locked down. Mail-orders need to be submitted. Travel plans need to be made. Veggie burrito recipes need to be perfected.

Come on, Phish — stop leaving us hanging!