Phish “Save the Date” Halloween Festival Update: Pinball Wizard Style

Phish put up another update to their “Save the Date” Halloween Festival map in the style of a pinball machine, with the pinball knocking out five more states in the quest to the truth on where this festival is going to take place. There was some discussion around how the California animation was spent hovering over the United States just waiting to come down again, but I’m not sure that was ever true and really called out as bulls*** as quickly as it needed to be. The flash animation had actually stopped, and now that “hovering” California is completely gone from the map. Knowing just a little about how Flash works, I’m not surprised by this at all.

So where’s this festival going to be? Some are saying it’s still Indio, CA, some are calling Dateland, AZ the would-be spot, and others are now calling for Big Cypress and Texas as other would-be spots, all of which are not yet eliminated from the map (except for California). What do you guys think?

Just for fun, I thought I’d upload some tunes in the pinball spirit. Here’s something to listen to while you drop a comment on what you think about this whole process.

Disco Biscuits – “Pinball Wizard” (Live with Scott Metzger) [mp3]

I feel that fans are like, pissed about this now or something. I tend to think this is “classic” Phish and I’m loving every second of it. Which camp are you in?