Watch Phish Unleash Chill-Inducing “Run Like An Antelope” As St. Louis Blues Fans Lose Their Mind [VIDEO]

Even after coming off a great two nights of Phish playing at Bonnaroo this year, the tour kickoff is still something we’re talking about until tomorrow when the band returns to the stage in Toronto.

It was the second night of the two-night St. Louis run where the collective realized that the St. Louis Blues would have a great chance of clinching the Stanley Cup finals and taking home the victory for their city, and in the “Run Like An Antelope” that closed out the first set, you can hear the moment when the crowd realizes that it’s all but decided with the three goal lead the team has.

And the band builds and builds with the audience until a fantastic peak gives way to the “Rye Rye Rocco” line and a full “Gloria” tease that would get played to start the second set. Stay on for the “let’s go Blues” chant you can hear at the end of the video.