Phish Plans to Webcast Hampton, Glens Falls & Atlantic City Shows

livephisheyeNothing official yet but Phish fans have once again done some sleuthing of their own and found a rather obvious confirmation that the band plans to webcast Hampton, Glens Falls and the Atlantic City shows for their highly anticipated Fall Tour. @DJGoocher and @Lawnmemo get the hat tip for cracking this one. If you visit you’ll notice that the drop down window lists LIVE VIDEO $14.99 (10/31’s three-setter will cost you $19.99) as an option.*Update – has now removed the option and per this is not confirmed. Phish’s 2013 Fall Tour kicks off next week with the first shows at the Hampton Coliseum since their “Fluffhead” comeback in March of 2009. Oh how far we have come! We’ll have news on the webcasts once they give the official word. Now we can get back to refreshing our inbox for NYE tickets.

UPDATE (10/10): Couch Tour for the Hampton run was confirmed today.