phishMSGcover.jpgWell, not only are they working on a new DVD, but Phish is releasing a 3 CD set of their epic New Year’s Eve concert at Garden, 1995. The 10 year anniversary comes up and BAM!, we get a nice little Christmas present to listen to on the way home from your holiday celebrations.

Read on for the full tracklist and info from the email release. Someone please buy this for me as a Christmas present.


Widely regarded as one of ’s finest live performances and named one of the “Greatest Concerts of the ’90s” by RollingStone, celebrates the 10 Year Anniversary of their 12/31/95 performance with the release of “Phish: New Year’s Eve 1995 – Live At Garden”, in stores December 20th.

“The years just keep sliding by.” Trey said it best during Fly Famous Mockingbird. stormed on their annual holiday tour for a night of music, myth, theater and celebration. The Deluxe 3-CD set includes the complete three-set show (27 tracks and more than three and a half hours of music). will be your official Backstage Pass to New Year’s Eve 1995, so keep checking in for exciting in the coming months.

Disc 1
1. Punch You In The Eye
2. The Sloth
3. Reba
4. The Squirming Coil
5. Maze
6. Colonel Forbin’s Ascent
7. Fly Famous Mockingbird
8. Shine
9. Fly Famous Mockingbird
10. Sparkle
11. Chalk Dust Torture

Disc 2
1. Audience Chess Move
2. Drowned
3. The Lizards
4. Axilla (Part II)
5. Runaway Jim
6. Strange Design
7. Hello My Baby
8. Mike’s Song

Disc 3
1. Phish Gamehendge Time Phactory
2. Auld Lang Syne
3. Weekapaug Groove
4. Sea And Sand
5. You Enjoy Myself
6. Sanity
7. Frankenstein
8. Johnny B. Goode

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