Phish Picks MSG 12/29/18 for Next Dinner And A Movie Livestream

Phish will show the band’s December 29, 2018 show for their next Dinner And A Movie livestream coming up this Tuesday, May 26th at 8pm. This was a fantastic show and featured an epic “Tweezer > Death Don’t Hurt Very Long > Tweezer” jam that I instantly remembered, but I’ll need to watch Tuesday to remember the other highlights.

WATCH: Phish – “Tweezer > Death Don’t Hurt Very Long > Tweezer” (Live @ Madison Square Garden 12.29.18)

For this week’s show, Mike Gordon chose a vegan ramen recipe from Gaku Ramen in Burlington, VT and included this little note along with it:

For the musician on the go, or, ahm, the musician on the stay-at-home, or for the anyone on the anywhere, ramen can be a great option. For example, when I’m staying in Portland, Oregon it’s been a tradition to have the coconut curry ramen from Boxer Ramen. And here in Burlington, Gaku Ramen has been a great, delicious favorite. I love their Shoyu broth, and I add miso mushrooms and bamboo shoots as extras. Personally, I take the noodles out to honor my low starch diet, but we’ll keep em in for y’alls’s recipe! :). They’ve provided the recipe below.

Head to the band’s post for the full recipe.