Last night some crafty Phish fan got their hand on a few hundred drones and decided to run a little show for the attendees at Intel Capital Global Summit at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix. Okay so it wasn’t a crafty fan per se, but it is great that Phish would get top-bill on such a banner event on the agenda.

Whoever was behind, they specifically thought the track “More” off the band’s LP Big Boat seemed like a perfect song to animate live in the sky, and they really created something awesome here.

The resulting five minutes showing drones flying over the Phoenix sky choreographed to my favorite band while fans quietly enjoy one of the Top #3 tracks off Big Boat is nothing close to time spent wasted and a really awesome reminder of that Burble thing that made an appearance at Festival 8. So then I re-watched that Burble video, too.

Anyway, check out the Phoenix drone video below. So cool.

Intel 500 Drones Light Show in Phoenix, AZ at the AZ Biltmore

(h/t to JamBase for the stellar find)