A while back, we posted some grumblings that we were seeing regarding a pending and/or upcoming release tentatively titled, in . First, they were thinking October 25. Then, I saw December 6 which quickly turned into November and then March, 2006.

I’ve been searching and scouring trying to find some more info, but the most telling-tale so far is one of woe. On .com, they had the release tentatively loaded as Phish: Live in Brooklyn and listed the release date for December 20, 2005. Was the meta confused and thought that this DVD was their latest CD release, at MSG 1995?

I guess it sucks that I knew that this wasn’t true and some people got burned on it. Go take a look at the Amazon product reviews for this DVD and you’ll see some (allegedly) got hosed on the deal and thought they would have this DVD by Christmas.

Update (1/8/06): it looks as though the March 6 date is becoming a little more definitive; Deep Discount DVD has it listed for $19.95. Thanks Ara!

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