A while back, we posted some grumblings that we were seeing regarding a pending and/or upcoming Phish DVD release tentatively titled, Live in Brooklyn. First, they were thinking October 25. Then, I saw December 6 which quickly turned into November and then March, 2006.

I’ve been searching and scouring the internet trying to find some more info, but the most telling-tale so far is one of woe. On Amazon.com, they had the DVD release tentatively loaded as Phish: Live in Brooklyn and listed the release date for December 20, 2005. Was the meta confused and thought that this DVD was their latest CD release, Live at MSG NYE 1995?

I guess it sucks that I knew that this wasn’t true and some people got burned on it. Go take a look at the Amazon product reviews for this DVD and you’ll see some (allegedly) got hosed on the deal and thought they would have this DVD by Christmas.

Update (1/8/06): it looks as though the March 6 date is becoming a little more definitive; Deep Discount DVD has it listed for $19.95. Thanks Ara!