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Phish returned to the stage last night for the first of two shows at Great Woods in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

The band got right to it and kicked off the show with “Ghost” which set a dark tone, but this version got into a nice little jam before transitioning perfectly into “Set Your Soul Free” which lightened things up. Trey really had some intention in that jam and brought out a few lines which had Gordo following quickly, and the band perfectly crashed back into “Ghost” with another nice transition. Very solid opening segment.

The band played a few classics next, “The Wedge” and then “Mound” (which had a few minor gaffes with the band laughing at themselves), and I’m such a huge fan of when a show has “Mountains in the Mist.” The shuffling “Back on the Train” came next and was a nice grooving version, and the band moved very quickly into “Ruby Waves” which was a nice throwback to the legendary Alpine Valley version a few years back on the same date. Trey asked Page where he’s been at lately and Page busted into “I Been Around” with Trey really loving the “And the town threw down!” line. The set closed with a standard version of “Tube,” just barely jammed out, and the Ghosts of the Forest blues rocker “About to Run” closed the set.

Set two launched with a sauntering “Chalk Dust Torture” which had the band slowly warming up but they got a great jam out of it which moved directly into “Plasma” perfectly. Once the band got through the composed sections, Trey seemed to fall right into the riff to “Weekapaug Groove” which seemed to be something the band picked up quickly, although they had to move the pace to faster to get into that groove speed. Definitely an interesting version. When Trey started the riff to “I Saw It Again” everyone started smiling on stage again and Fishman picked up on it and started adding his vocal flares to the version. Page even dropped his scream samples over the top, too.

The band seemed to stall for a minute but Fishman kept a beat going, so the band truly didn’t stop once for the first four or five songs. “Prince Caspian” was something Trey pushed for and it slowed everyone down a little bit, and the band went from there to “Backwards Down the Number Line,” “Bug” and then “Sand” to close the set.

The encore kicked the energy back up after the slow end to set two with a “Punch You in the Eye” and “Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.” double feature before fans were sent off to the parking lots. The band plays again at the same venue tonight.

Scroll down to see what the band plays as the show progresses.

Phish @ Xfinity Center, Mansfield MA 7.14.22

Set I: Ghost -> Set Your Soul Free -> Ghost, The Wedge, Mound, Mountains in the Mist, Back on the Train > Ruby Waves, I Been Around, Tube > About to Run

Set II: Chalk Dust Torture -> Plasma -> Weekapaug Groove -> I Saw It Again -> Prince Caspian > Backwards Down the Number Line > Bug > Sand

Encore: Punch You in the Eye* > Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.

* – First YEAH sample of tour



Phish - Back On The Train 7/14/2022 Great Woods (Xfinity Center), Mansfield MA