I’m just waiting here to hop a flight home from Cancún following the absolutely epic five-night vacation I just had a few thousand as part of . brought a wild set of shows to the beach, and the first night was chock full of highlights as they delivered a HUGE one-set show as a “welcome” set.

Early in the first half of the show, dropped into “Free” and had the crowd going strong the jam. Then they dropped down into something familiar but not anything I was immediately recognizing, but then Page dropped the for “Shipwreck” off ’s 2016 album where they played the Chilling Thrilling… soundtrack and it all made sense again (so many good “ocean” songs this weekend). Then somehow Trey found a way to drop “Rescue Squad” into the jam and suddenly we weren’t scared and were having fun again. What a fun moment.

This is 15 minutes of primo Phish and it really signaled a considerably strong weekend of ahead of us. Watch the clip below which was released as an official highlight from the run.

Phish - 02/20/2020- - Free (4K HDR)

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