Phish has confirmed the next episode of their Dinner And A Movie free webcasts coming this Tuesday, April 28th. This next episode will be the band’s show on October 28, 2016 from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Tune in this coming Tuesday at 8:30PM ET at or Phish’s Facebook page.

Mike Gordon gets to pick the recipe for dinner again, which features a few recipes from his friend chef Michael Solomonov and his Philadelphia restaurant Zahav.

Here’s the setlist from the show:

SET I: Martian Monster, No Men In No Man’s Land, Dogs Stole Things, Beauty of My Dreams, Destiny Unbound, Limb By Limb, Home, When the Circus Comes, Steam > The Wedge, Cavern, Walls of the Cave
SET II: Crimes of the Mind, Golden Age > Simple > Light > Twenty Years Later > Blaze On, The Squirming Coil
ENCORE: Bouncing Around the Room, Bold As Love

Our friend Jake Silco shot the show for us also… check out his gallery below.

PHOTO RECAP / SETLIST: Phish @ MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas 10.28.16

5-Minute Hummus with Quick Tehina Sauce
Makes about 4 cups

Quick Tehina Sauce
1 garlic clove
1 16oz jar tehina (aka tahini)
Juice of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 to 1 1/2 cups ice water
2 15.5oz cans chickpeas, drained and rinsed

Nick off a piece of the garlic (about a quarter of the clove) and drop it into the bowl of a food processor. Squeeze the lemon juice into the bowl.

Pour the tehina on top, making sure to scrape it all out of the container, and add the cumin and salt.

Process until the mixture looks peanut buttery, about 1 minute, then stream in the ice water a little at a time with the motor running. Process until the mixture is smooth and creamy and lightens to the color of dry sand. Now you have Quick Tehina Sauce.

Add the chickpeas to the sauce and process for about 3 minutes, scraping the sides of the bowl as you go, until the chickpeas are completely processed and the hummus is smooth and uniform in color.

Serve with Pita

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini
Serves 4-6
Time: 1 hour

1 head cauliflower (about 2 1/4 lbs.), leaves intact
1/2 cup olive oil
2 tbsp. kosher salt
1 tsp. ground turmeric
1 tsp. sweet paprika
4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
1 jalape~no, stemmed, halved, seeded, and thinly sliced crosswise
1 lemon, halved
1/2 cup tahini
Cilantro leaves, to garnish

Heat the oven to 400^0. On a cutting board, quarter the cauliflower, leaving the core and leaves intact. Transfer the quarters to a large bowl and rub with the olive oil, salt, turmeric, paprika, garlic, and jalape~no. Arrange the cauliflower on a foil-lined baking sheet and roast until tender at the core and lightly browned on the outside, about 45 minutes. Heat the broiler and broil the cauliflower until lightly charred on the top, 1 to 2 minutes.

Remove the cauliflower from the broiler and transfer to a serving dish. Squeeze the lemon halves over the cauliflower, covering them in the juice, and drizzle with the tahini. Garnish the cauliflower with cilantro and serve while hot.

Slow-Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Garlic Labneh
Yield: serves 4
Time: 3 hours

4 medium sweet potatoes (about 3 lbs.), scrubbed clean
1 tbsp. olive oil
2 tsp. kosher salt, plus more
1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
1/2 tsp. dill seeds
1 clove garlic, peeled
1/2 cup labneh
Chives, cut into 1-inch batons, to garnish

Heat the oven to 275^0. In a large bowl, rub the sweet potatoes with the olive oil, 2 teaspoons salt, the pepper, and dill seeds until evenly coated. Arrange the sweet potatoes on a foil-lined baking sheet and bake until very soft inside and caramelized on the bottom, about 2 1/2 hours. Heat the broiler and broil the sweet potatoes until lightly charred on the top, 1 to 2 minutes. Remove the sweet potatoes from the broiler and let cool for 10 minutes on the baking sheet.

Meanwhile, using a fine or microplane grater, grate the garlic into a small bowl, stir in the labneh, and season with salt. Transfer the sweet potatoes to a serving platter, gently crush with your hand to expose the potato’s flesh, and season the flesh with salt. Dollop each potato with some of the labneh and sprinkle with chives before serving.