Phish confirms LivePhish paid webcasts for Halloween Run in Atlantic City

phish halloween webcastsLast night during setbreak on the webcast, Phish jokingly clued everyone in that their webcasts are not offering clues on what the band may play during Hallowen, saying BAD IS BAD, something about HEART AND SOUL, and saying we’ve all been good SPORTS (a fun node to the Huey Lewis and the News album, Sports).

They also confirmed that they will be webcasting from the Atlantic City shows for the entire Halloween Run. No huge surprise there, but great news nonetheless — we’re a big fan of the Couch Tours and have found it’s an amazing way to bring Phish fans together even if they’re not all at the show together. LMB will on the Boardwalk for the three shows, but make sure you hit up to buy the webcast if you’re watching from home.