Phish Kicks Off Two-Night Run at Bethel Woods Center NY [RECAP/VIDEOS]



Phish played their first of two nights at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in Bethel, NY tonight and it was a really sick show.

The first set started with “Golgi Apparatus,” which gave way to what seemed like a stretched out end and something that reminded my crew of a “Spanish Jam” which brought out what we thought would be a standard version of “Sample in a Jar.” This version got deep, though. It’s about the third time only that the band has decided to stretch out, and we got a killer jam out of it that went about 15 minutes.

“My Soul” was a straightforward version, but then “Gumbo” got a bit wild and jammed out as well. The jam gave way to “I Saw It Again” which was fun and then we got another jam out of “Timber (Jerry).” The band really was playing loose and free. For “Meat,” Fishman was laying it on extra thick there. “Lawn Boy” brought Page out front and gave us a great solo from Mike. “My Friend, My Friend” was a solid version, even got the “Myfe!” end from Trey before the band moved to “Guelah Papyrus” next. “Brian and Robert” and a rockin’ “Walk Away” closed the set.

Set two started with “Mr. Completely” which was a good set starter, but “You Enjoy Myself” next really got wild. Right after the vocal jam, the band then launched into a weird and wild jam that really felt so perfectly out of place after a YEM. The version hit about 25 minutes and it really is worth a re-listen. “Fuego” came out of it pretty smoothly and we got a nice jam there before Trey slowed everyone down for a “Joy” breather. “Boogie On Reggae Woman” brought back up the funk energy before “Scents and Subtle Sounds” got everyone back in a spacey, jammed-out vibe. The set closed with a truly old school section of “Wilson > Possum > Cavern” and a nice emotional “A Life Beyond the Dream” closed out the show entirely.

The band is back at Bethel Woods tonight.

Phish @ Bethel Woods Center for the Arts Bethel, NY 7.22.22

Set I: Golgi Apparatus > Sample in a Jar^, My Soul, Gumbo^ -> I Saw It Again > Timber (Jerry)^ > Meat > Lawn Boy > My Friend My Friend, Guelah Papyrus, Brian and Robert, Walk Away

Set II: Mr. Completely > You Enjoy Myself^ > Fuego > Joy > Boogie On Reggae Woman > Scents and Subtle Sounds > Wilson > Possum > Cavern

Encore: A Life Beyond the Dream

^ – Jammed out version, really stellar