Watch Phish Deliver Career-Defining “Bathtub Gin” On This Day @ The Great Went Limestone, Maine

phish great went poster bathtub gin

Today’s a day full of good memories in the Phish community as we all toss back to one of the finest moments on stage in Phish’s 30+ year history — The Great Went festival they hosted in Limestone, Maine back in 1997.

You’ve heard plenty of the stories if you’re a newb fan, but the reality is that those two days on stage produced some of the best elements of what we see in the band today.

The moment that’s probably been dissected more than others is be the “Bathtub Gin” that appeared during the second night. Watch it below, and you can see why it’s pretty clear everyone in the scene has an “opinion” on this one. It’s rare that a Phish jam means so much to so many people, and this is one of those defining moments.

Phish - Bathtub Gin - 8/17/97 - Limestone, Maine