You’ve probably been following at least an inkling or rumor through that is basically good-to-go for a multi-night run in some time in June. The local press has been leaking all they can to get out and tons of folks have already booked hotel rooms. seemed to be the first to post on this potential event, and this article late last week in, an announcement seems imminent.

Atlantic City Council approves four outdoor music festivals for Bader Field, with Phish, Kenny Chesney, Metallica []

Four multiday festivals have been approved by City Council for Bader Field this year.

Press of columnist Pinky Kravitz reports in today’s Region section that headliners for the festivals will include , Kenny Chesney and .

We’re always a little unsure of booking ourselves before the news itself is official, so we’ll update you here when you can start planning your summer tour. For , consider it a rumor and pay attention to those “in the know” on . Or just follow @Phish and get the news when most people get it…

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